The Little Flower Co.

First impressions count, and we all find pleasure in entering a business – whether it be a hotel lobby, a dental surgery or even solicitor’s office – where someone has taken the trouble to greet us with a vase of tastefully arranged fresh flowers. A floral display is a sign that an enterprise cares about style and quality.


As flower lovers we at The Little Flower Company have first hand experience of how important flowers are in the workplace. They not only brighten up the day for visitors, but have a big impact on employee happiness and productivity – there’s nothing like an infusion of nature and a touch of greenery in a busy environment to promote a cool and calm approach to dealing with the daily grind.


This is why wise business owners and managers take advantage of our corporate floristry services in Frome, Warminster and the surrounding area.


Simply put, what we do is make regular deliveries of flower arrangements for an agreed price, on an agreed schedule, to your shop, office, showroom, restaurant, salon or any other commercial premises, so that you always have an attractive fresh display of morale-boosting blossoms to transform a bland space or complement the décor.

Our corporate clients find it a boon to be able to enjoy our flower arrangements without having to add checking the vases to their busy schedules. They can rely on us to deliver appropriate fresh arrangements and remove the old ones regularly, on an agreed rota (usually once a week).


From our side we make sure that we approach corporate contracts professionally. The choice of flowers for the arrangements and the containers are carefully chosen to be in keeping with the relevant client’s brand identity and logo, both according to colour and style.


We make arrangements that complement the business identity, décor and furnishings of the space they will occupy, and take into account the personal taste of the business owner/manager. We also have to choose flowers, grasses and other greenery that will stay looking fresh in between replacement visits, and ensure that they are appropriately conditioned, arranged and watered to last the distance.


We endeavour to use seasonal blooms where possible, and vary the vases now and then to keep the arrangements interesting.

Our corporate clients have standing orders for flowers to be delivered for all sorts of locations, such as lobbies, boardrooms, reception desks, information desks, meeting rooms, shop counters, staff canteens. There is no corner of a business that doesn’t benefit from a touch of beautiful botanic bounty.


Another aspect of our corporate floristry services is providing bespoke arrangements of any size or style for special corporate events, such as conferences, cocktail parties, award dinners and the like. We are happy to work with the event management team, install arrangements at event venues, or deliver them ready prepared.


When it comes to flowers, The Little Flower Company means business! Contact us to discuss your corporate floral requirements and we’ll add a delightful new dimension to your enterprise.